Registration Fee:

Prep $45, Allstar $75, Allstar family deal $130

  1. Can I enroll at any time? Yes of course! at E.O.D we take enrollments up until week 4 term 4. We would love to have you!
  1. What is the difference between recreational and competitive? At E.O.D we have classes to suit all commitment levels. There is no ‘bad’ team at E.O.D, all our teams are fantastic and are will always feel special! Our recreational classes train once a week and perform at our end of year showcase. Our competitive teams train twice a week and compete in several competitions in Newcastle and Sydney.
  1. Do I have to do all competitions? If you are a competitive student you must compete at all competitions unless arrangements have been made at the time of signing up.
  1. Do I still pay for missed lessons? Yes, all missed lessons must be paid for.
  1. Do I need to attend classes if I am sick or injured? Yes, unless your illness is highly contagious. All injured students must still come to class to watch so that they don’t miss out on any changes to their routine.
  1. What happens if my friend doesn’t make the same team as me? All our teams are chosen based on several different factors including maturity, tumbling skills, basing/flying skills etc. Unfortunately we don’t select teams based on car pools or friendships. Our teams are successful because of our selection process. Every athlete is a valued member in their chosen team.

    7. I want to be a flyer: Being a flyer comes with many responsibilities. Flyers are generally the lightest athletes in the team and demonstrate good flexibility, core strength, stability and stage personality. Flyers are chosen by the coach and decisions of team positions are based on whats best for the overall team

  1. What classes do you offer? We offer Allstar cheerleading, tumbling, hip hop, Jazz, acrobatics, lyrical, Ballet, flyer classes, stretch classes, pre school classes and more!
  1. What age can you start? We start our athletes at just 18 months.
  1. What is a prep team? A team rep is a parent who is the liaison between the coach and the parents. There is one rep per team. The rep is in charge of meeting the team at competitions, handing out wrist bands and assisting with team functions and communication. The team reps are not involved in gym decisions, coaching or accounting issues.
  1. What do I wear to my first lesson? Please arrive wearing comfortable fitness/sports clothing and running shoes. We can place an order for your EOD uniform and shoes when you sign up.
  1. What are the start up costs?
    We have a start of season fee ($45 recreational or $75 competitive)
  1. Do I have to be flexible?
    No, we do not require beginners to be flexible. Our coaches can guide and help our athletes gain flexibility.